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Tel: 951.736.3530

Pulse Full Spectrum P12

P.12 - $229.00 / P.12S - $279.00

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P12 Full Spectrum Battery

The P.12 is a direct replacement for the YT12B-BS, YTX12-BS, and YT14B-BS case sizes

All Pulse IPT batteries all have the following features:

* IPT Battery Management System (BMS) - Better performance, longer life, and emergency start capability.
* IPT Reset – Always enough power to start your bike once.
* Universal Charger Capability - Most commercially available battery chargers work with the Pulse IPT batteries.
* Advanced Case Design - Lighter and stronger than our previous case, it rejects heat, vibration, gas and oil.
* Advanced Cell Design - Specially designed IPT cells only available from Full Spectrum Power.

Every Pulse IPT battery comes with our Intelligent Pulse Technology, and the IPT Reset feature. Years in development, every feature of the Pulse IPT series of battery was conceived, designed, and created with one goal in mind: to be the most user friendly, reliable, long lasting, best performing battery ever built.

Cranking Amps P.12 - 360
P.12S - 630
20Hr Nominal Capacity (Ah) P.12 - 6.0ah
P.12S - 8.4ah
Dimensions L x W x H (in) 5.9 x 2.6 x 5.1
Metric Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 150 x 65 x 130
Weight (lbs) P.12 - 2.7 lbs
P.12S - 3.7 lbs
Weight (grams) P.12 - 1220
P.12S - 1700
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