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Full Spectrum Power Pulse IPT Batteries.
Pulse IPT batteries are designed to be the most advanced lithium engine start batteries on earth. Every aspect of the batteries were carefully conceived, designed, manufactured, and assembled using unparalleled experience in the powersports battery business.

All products feature class leading, innovative technology and materials, with a massive range of size, weight, and power output options to suit the most demanding applications. Every Pulse IPT battery is designed and manufactured in the USA, all backed by industry leading technical support and 5-year warranty.

Silicon Terminal Covers
Color coded silicon terminal covers provide an easy way to identify the positive and negative terminals and an added measure of protection against accidental shorting.

Direct Multi Terminal
The terminals provide a direct connection to the IPT for maximum output and minimal resistance. The terminal has 4 threaded mount points, providing you extra positive and negative mounting options to attach accessory wires without having to use long screws on one small terminal.

Advanced Case Design
Full Spectrum power developed a proprietary nylon/glass fiber resin for Pulse IPT cases. Lighter and stronger than previous cases, it rejects heat, vibration, gas and oil.

Advanced Cell Design
The cells in Pulse IPT batteries were designed and optimized for engine start batteries. Full Spectrum Power partnered with the world’s premier lithium cell manufacturer to build cells to exact specifications. These are only available from Full Spectrum Power.

Intelligent Pulse Technology (IPT) Battery Management System
The IPT controls the function and behavior of the battery and provides better performance, longer life, and a unique emergency start capability.

IPT Cell Balancing
Most commercially available battery chargers can be used with Pulse IPT batteries. The IPT will take care of properly regulating the charge sequence without a special charger.

IPT Short Circuit Protection
The IPT will detect a dangerous short circuit and protect the battery from damage.

IPT Heat Management
The IPT monitors and dissipates heat buildup during high load situations, keeping the battery in the correct operating temperature range.

IPT Two Stage Under Voltage Protection
The IPT will prevent your battery from being accidentally drained by your vehicle, preventing damage to the battery from draining past the point of recovery. By pressing the external reset button, the IPT will reset and provide another chance to start your bike.

UNDOT Certification
All Full Spectrum batteries are UNDOT tested and approved for shipping via commercial carrier.

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