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What are Antigravity Batteries?
Antigravity Batteries are the latest Nanophosphate Lithium Motorsport battery technology. Our batteries work great in all 12v vehicle applications (not recommended for use in passenger cars see below). Our batteries are the smallest, lightest and most POWERFUL batteries available for motorsports vehicles. Our batteries can offer OVER twice the cranking amps of lead/acid, and in some cases 3 times the power in the same physical size battery! All this while offering a weight savings of up 80%! They can be installed in any orientation (even upside downn) do not need any maintenance or trickle charging (if there are no parasitic drains) ,have a longer life than lead acid and are non toxic!

What sets Antigravity Batteries apart from competitors?
Antigravity batteries are devoted to building the best product available in terms of performance and durability, but also in regards to design and innovation. They are the only company to offer direct OEM (stock size) replacement batteries in high-power lightweight lithium, AND also in ultra compact “Small-Case” batteries for racers, performance riders and custom builders. So the customer has the option of ultra high power and lightweight in a stock size OR they can have the ultra compact “Small-Case” preferred by racers and custom builders….both work well in all applications only the case sizes differ for what the customer prefers.
Rest assured that NO company offers more cranking amps or a more powerful batteries than Antigravity Batteries…. We have the smallest and most powerful batteries in our Small Case batteries, and have a models with as much as 720 Cranking Amps yet only 6 x 3.4 x 5.1 tall. No other company offers that kind of performance in such a lightweight and compact size!

Antigravity are the only “water tight” lithium battery … others claim water resistant, or are not watertight in some cases, and will void the warranty if wet, Antigravity IS watertight. Antigravity does not void the warranty if you get salt on the terminal or over tighten a terminal, Shorai and Ballistic will void your warranty if these conditions exist. Additionally, we have a 1 year warranty for race use… But the warranty on Ballistic or Shorai is voided for race use…. We know our product can handle the toughest use and stand behind it.

Antigravity offers possibly the best warranty in Lithium or Lead Batteries… Our warranty is 3 years, a full year longer warranty than Shorai, and we do not have some of the warranty voiding limitations that they do, such as “battery cannot be discharged below 12.8 volts” (what battery does not go below 12.8v at some time?). We build a solid product and do not have these product quality limitations. Read the warranties from Antigravity vs. other Lithium battery companies…

Antigravity makes our batteries here in America We out-perform other Lithium batteries and build our product to withstand the demands or racing and hard use. When you purchase an Antigravity Battery you are getting the best and highest quality in every component from the Power Cells to our overall design and build quality.

What are the benefits of Antigravity Batteries?
1) POWER - Antigravity Batteries are the most powerful battery in the smallest, lightest package that is available today. On average the Antigravity Battery is 1/2 to 2/3 the size of a lead acid battery, yet puts out TWICE the cranking amps. We are also significantly more powerful than some other lithium batteries on the market.

2) BETTER STARTING - Because of the high power of our batteries you will notice a faster turn-over of the motor, but in addition to that you will have a larger ignition spark due to the fact that the voltage stays much higher than lead/acid on the starting pulse…this aids dramatically in starting the vehicle.

3) LIGHT WEIGHT - Antigravity Batteries are on average 70-80% lighter than the lead acid battery they replace. When seen in person the size and weight difference is quite extraordinary. Antigravity Batteries are a fraction of the cost of Titanium or Carbon Fibre, yet offer up 20 times the weight savings of those very expensive products!

4) COMPACT SIZE - Antigravity Batteries are usually from 1/2 to 2/3 the size of the lead battery they replace (when using the small case models)! This can be a great benefit to anyone installing Power Commanders or extra electronics, or for the custom builder who desires to hide the battery or have more room to lower the seat on a custom build.

5) NO MAINTENANCE - These batteries are a no maintenance battery… there are no liquids to spill, no trickle charging needed to keep the battery charged (provided there are not parasitic drains occuring)…If your electrical system is functioning properly, and you do not have accessories that drain the battery while your bike is off, you should not have any issues with the battery.

6) NOT DAMAGED BY VIBRATION or HEAT - This is an extremely important point… Lead batteries are damaged by vibration and heat, it is one of the causes of early failure in lead/acid batteries. If you have a performance bike or high vibration vehicle like a large twin the effect is more pronounced. Antigravity Batteries are not effected by vibration!

7) NON-TOXIC - The chemical makes up does not contain highly toxic materials such as acid or lead within the battery.

8) CAN BE INSTALLED IN ANY ORIENTATION - These are DRY CELL batteries and do not have liquids that can spill out of the battery.

How well do Antigravity Batteries work in snowmobiles and watercraft?
Our batteries work great in these application due to the extreme weight loss but are recommended strictly for Performance or Race use due to some of the issues with cold weather for Snowmobiles, and with Watercraft, the fact of the direct drive starting system that needs more cranking power to turn over. THEY ARE NOT RECOMMENDED FOR FREE-STYLE JET SKI USE!
For use in snowmobiles the fact is that all Lithium Batteries have what is called “Cold Lag”… when lithium is extremely cold it will suffer from initially sluggish performance until it is warmed up. The battery self warms with short start attempts by discharging amperage which cause it to self-warm and soon get it’s full power back, but it must be pointed out that Snowmobiles are often ridden in these extreme temperatures and must consider this Cold Lag issue. We recommend a minimum of 1 to 2 sizes larger for use in Watercraft of Snowmobiles, but please contact us for more information in determining what will work best for you.

Why don’t you recommend them for Passenger Car use?
Antigravity Battery can work exceptionally well in passenger car use, but the issue is that a passenger car has a number of items that can cause a high Parasitic Drain on a battery. And being that our batteries do not have the large Amp Hour of a large Lead/Acid battery they can be run down if a stereo is left on when the car is not running or if the lights are accidentally left on. So being that a consumer may accidentally run the stereo too long, or drain the battery by leaving the lights on while the car is not running we do not want to recommend them for this use typically. On the other hand if you have a high-performance Tuner Car and can make sure you are not going to leave the lights on or drain the battery by cranking the stereo when the car isn’t running, then you can absolutely use the battery in your passenger car. You can save as much as 35 to 40 pound of weight compared to a stock lead/acid battery. Call us for details on what we recommend.

Are there any concerns regarding these batteries?
1) If you are using the smallest battery possible for your bike to save weight (for example for race use a 4 cell in a 600cc bike, or an 8-cell in a 1000cc bike) you may find in 50 degree weather and below it may be sluggish initially. But with each attempt to start the battery actually warms itself from the amp discharge and gets back its full strength. If you often ride in weather below the 50s we recommend going up one or two sizes on the battery, this will give you more cranking amps to get power even if its very cold.

2) You can ruin the battery if you let it drain to below 10.5v volts!!! This is true of ANY battery, lead/acid or lithium. Draining a battery to this level will damage the battery cells. This is not a concern if you remember to turn off your ignition, or turn off any accessories that are not ignition switched and monitor your battery is you plan on not riding frequently. You should also make sure your vehicle does not have an “parasitic drain” or “short circuit”. A “parasitic drain” is something like an accessory that is pulling energy from the battery even though the ignition is “off” this can drain your battery below 10.5v and ruin it if you store the bike or don’t ride it to keep it charged … Sometimes a short can also be the cause of a drain on the battery though all accessories are “off”. For the best battery life you should monitor your battery and if you do not ride for a time make sure you disconnect the battery or put it on a lithium maintenance charger.

3) Also, important is that OVER-CHARGING above 14.8 v can damage Lead or Lithium batteries. For this reason older bikes should make sure their electrical system and specifically the Voltage Regulator is operating correctly or you will find yourself damaging your batteries if your bikes charging systems voltage to the battery is going above 15v.

4) DO NOT ABUSE the battery…. These batteries express extremely high amperage and can get over heated if you keep cranking a bike repeatedly over 7 seconds multiple times in a row. Though they are made to start your bike with fantastic results they can become over heated if you keep trying to crank a bike that just isn’t starting.

Does this battery require trickle charging?
DO NOT USE LEAD/ACID TRICKLE OR REGULAR CHARGERS WITH LITHIUM. But in most cases a maintenance charger is not needed. The battery is Maintenance Free and can hold a charge for up to a year PROVIDED the bike/vehicle does not have a PARASITIC DRAIN or accessory taking the energy….IF your vehicles charging system is in good working order and you do not have any “parasitic drains” on the bike you should not have to charge this battery rarely if ever. If you do have longer layoffs, or you bike has accessories creating a drain you can purchase one of our battery chargers specifically designed for the Lifepo4 technology. See our Batteries Chargers. A Trickle charger is required by Lead/Acid batteries because they have a Natural Discharge… Our batteries do not have this effect.

How do I charge the battery?
The Antigravity Battery comes ready to install, and start the bike/vehicle. We do offer a specific “smart” Lithium battery chargers that are specifically for charging Lifepo4 Lithium batteries. We have a 4-amp and a 8-amp charger as well as 2 Optimate Chargers. All will charge the battery to it’s intended peak voltage and will shut off when the battery is charged.
You should NOT use a automobile or motorcycle charger that is specific to Lead/Acid batteries! They can cause damage to the batteries because they charge in a different way than a specific Lifepo4 Lithium Charger. They often have a Desulfinate feature or over voltage “Quick Charging” feature… both of which will damage the Antigravity Battery. Lead Acid charges in many case will overcharge a lithium battery ending up in damage which is not covered under our warranty.

Is there a Warranty?
Yes a “best in the business” 3 year warranty please click here to check it out WARRANTY.
When you look at a warranty between different manufacturers look at the detail…. we see some of the other companies who make similar style batteries have shorter warranties and warranties that are voided if you get salt on their battery terminals, or if you tighten the terminal to over 5lbs of torque…. or if you allow the voltage to drop below 12v…. We feel these limitations only show a lower build quality of these batteries. Make sure you compare warranties in detail. We offer the strongest warranty out there.

How long will the battery last?
This battery should last about 4-5 years , but this will be determined ultimately by how it is used and treated by the consumer. The type of use as a “starter battery” application provides for long life especially if all is well with your electrical system. But in racing and abusive use the lifespan may be much less. Also Parasitic drains or over draining/over-charging the battery will shorten life dramatically or ruin the battery. Just make sure you are disconnecting the vehicle if in storage and that you do not over charge or let the battery drain below 10.5v and all will be good for a long time.

How do I store the battery?
In the case that you need to store your bike for a long period of time, you should disconnect the battery. If you storing the battery out of the bike just put in a cool dry place and cover the terminals with tape to protect from accidental shorting of the postive and negative terminals. The battery can hold it’s charge for up to a year, but check it every 6 months. Do not leave a battery connected if you know you will not be riding for a long time.

What is the range of voltage for the batteries?
The Antigravity Battery normal voltage is 13.2v. The battery will read up to 14.7V immediately after charging. The normal operating range will read between 13.3-14.5V. After a few hours it will self balance to the 13.3-7 range which is its normal state of charge. The maximum voltage the battery should be exposed to is 14.7V. On the lower end of the voltage range the battery should be put on a charger if the battery voltage gets drops below the 12.5V range while sitting. The voltage should not be allowed to drop below 10.5V while at rest. Permanent damage will occur at below 10.5 volts..

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