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Tel: 888.379.2555

Odyssey Batteries for auromobiles and LTV Auto / Car Audio

Your car is more than just transportation. Whether you drive a luxury SUV, a classic muscle car or an off roader, NorthStar has the ideal battery to keep you up and running.

Odyssey Batteries for Extreme sports Heavy Duty / Commercial

When you drive a heavy duty vehicle, you need a heavy duty battery. Whether it’s a bus, bulldozer, long haul truck, or refrigeration unit, you need a battery that can take the punishment.

Odyssey Batteries for Extreme sports Marine / RV

NorthStar Marine/RV batteries deliver more starting power and exceptional deep cycling capability of up to 400 cycles at 80% depth of discharge, with increased reserve capacity to power all on-board electronics.

Odyssey Batteries for Motorcycles UPS / Telecom

NorthStar provides customers globally the most reliable energy backup solutions and at the same time cut their operating cost and carbon footprint, with a short payback time.

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