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Full Spectrum Pulse Batteries
  P1 P2 P3
Length 4.6 inches 4.6 inches 4.6 inches
Width 1.7 inches 2.5 inches 3.5 inches
Height 3.8 inches 3.8 inches 3.8 inches
Weight 15.1 oz 1.6 pounds 2.2 pounds
Cranking Amps 120 240 360
Capacity 2.5 ah 5 ah 7.5 Ah
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While several different battery sizes will physically fit in your vehicle, modifications to your vehicle may require a larger or smaller battery than what this selection tool will recommend.
So, what lightweight battery fits your vehicle?
NOTE: This assumes that your vehicle is completely stock. If your vehicle is not stock, you may need to select a more powerful battery.

Here are some general guidelines:
1 and 2 cylinders, up to 500cc- Pulse P1
1 and 2 cylinders, larger than 500cc- Pulse P2
3 and 4 cylinders, up to 600cc- Pulse P1
3 and 4 cylinders, from 601cc to 1000cc- Pulse P2
2, 3, and 4 cylinders, larger than 1000cc- Pulse P3

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